Prize competitions are no new thing. We've all probably seen or heard about those airport car competitions, right? Well, this isn't much different. Except you get to win a property rather than a car. Not bad, right?

The UK Gambling Commission has easily available documentation, which details the various things that prize competitions must do in order to legally operate.ย 

Raffle House complies with all of these regulations.

The big one for us is that we offer a free entry route. More on that here. Because of that, we can sell tickets and NOT require that ticket purchasers answer a question or challenge of any sort.

What that means is, if you buy tickets, you have tickets. There's no need to second guess whether your tickets are actually valid. With Raffle House, your tickets will be in every draw we have.

In the Gambling Commission's advice document, the key components of adherence to UKGC legislation on prize competitions is laid bare. Raffle House is proud to adhere to all of the required legislation on the operation of legal prize competitions.

We've been trading since 2018 and have even spent time with the Gambling Commission investigating our adherence to the law. We're still here today and happy to continue to adhere to all relevant laws.

Raffle House has NOT joined the growing list of prize competitions that have been shut down by the Gambling Commission - and we won't be due to our strict adherence to the law. What that means for you is, we'll be around to keep on awarding properties to our community time and time again ๐Ÿ˜Š

We've also been featured in a few media outlets, to name a few....

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