Prize competitions are no new thing. We've all probably seen or heard about those airport car competitions, right? Well this isn't much different. Except you get to win a property rather than a car. Not bad, right?

The UK Gambling Commission has easily available documentation, which details the various things that prize competitions must do in order to legally operate. 

Raffle House complies with all of these regulations.

The big one to note is that there must be a challenge of some sort - a test of skill or knowledge. And that's where our timed, multiple choice question comes in.

And you pay only once you've successfully answered the question - and you can add more tickets then without playing again!

We provide an example of the question in Step 2 of our "how it works" page.

We've had specialist solicitors come onboard to help write Terms & Conditions that are fair to you and abide by all the relevant laws. They're written by lawyers so they're a bit hard going but if you want to check them out, please do.

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