We want to reward customers that buy more than one ticket. This is because it costs us money to advertise and the more a single customer buys, the less it ultimately costs us. I know, it's not rocket science.

Also, since one only needs to answer the question once per purchase, the more tickets bundled into a single entry, the better.

By buying more tickets you also have the inherent advantage of having more chances to win, so it's a win-win. And a free ticket is just as valid as a paid ticket. The more you buy, the better off you are!

The way the bonus scheme scales is as follows:

Buy 1 get 0 free
Buy 2 get 2 free
Buy 3 get 4 free
Buy 4 get 5 free
Buy 5 get 7 free
Buy 6 get 8 free
Buy 7 get 9 free
Buy 8 get 10 free
Buy 9 get 11 free
Buy 10 get 15 free

If you're a returning customer, we'll reward you even further as a thank you for coming back to us.

We do that by doubling any paid entries you make and our system will automatically add these before you pay (assuming you log in with your same account details).

So, buy 2 tickets and get 2 free as part of the standard bonus scheme and we'll give you another 2 as part of our Loyalty Bonus scheme. Here's what that looks like:

Not too bad, right? We want to reward you for being part of this property revolution with us and any suggestions on how we could do this better are always appreciated.

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