We want to reward customers that return to us for our weekly £1,000 cash-prizes, new Jackpot competitions or just to increase their chances to win either during a competition. This is because it costs us money to advertise and the more a single customer buys, the less it ultimately costs us. I know, it's not rocket science.

After the first time you make a payment with us, you will be able to claim your Loyalty Bonus.

This bonus will double any future paid entries and is automatically added to future orders - no extra steps or verification is required; your account is all you need and our systems do the rest.

Loyalty Bonuses are automatically applied to the ticket widget, providing you are logged in when selecting your tickets at this stage. The bonuses are added to any free tickets that you are claiming due to buying 5 or more single £2 tickets.

The typical bonus applied to the below order of 15 tickets is 11 extra entries. However, with a Loyalty Bonus, the total number of free tickets awarded is 26 (11 + 15). The total number of individual tickets ultimately awarded will be 41 (15 + 11 + 15)

If you're not logged in at this stage, don't worry. We require that you log-in prior to making any payments so that you and we know that your tickets will be saved to your account, and your email receipts will get to you.

Therefore, you'll also see your Loyalty Bonus in your Order Summary prior to paying.

Loyalty Bonuses also applied to free postal entries.

Not too bad, right? We want to reward you for being part of this property revolution with us and any suggestions on how we could do this better are always appreciated.

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