We realised long ago, when Raffle House was just a twinkle in my eye and a no more than a conversation between two friends, that to make this work we had to advertise.Β 

And we knew that would be expensive.Β 

So we set about figuring out how we could afford to get this amazing opportunity in front of the right eyes. And then it hit us - anyone that we ever spoke to about Raffle House simply loved it.

So we thought, why don't we see if we can grow an investor community of equally loved-up people who are prepared to give us their hard earned money in return for a stake in the company?

And then we had to get on camera...

So with that embarrassment out of the way (and now immortalised here forever more...) we began to grow our investor community. When we closed the round, we had raised nearly Β£270,000 from nearly 300 investors.

And now we're putting it to good use, bringing you and a whole new community together to hopefully change your life for the better, while also donating money to three amazing charities.

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