While £10 isn't much to be rent and mortgage free for life, we understand that before committing, having a full grasp one's potential complete outgoings is important. 

Your legal fees are covered by us, plus, we're chucking in £3,000 to cover the first year's council tax, ground rent and utilities, which is more than enough to make the first year cost you absolutely nothing!

Ground rent and the service charge come in at a combined £2,000 annually and have remained stable for many years.

The freehold is held by Tower Hamlets and there are nearly 100 years left on the lease.

Council tax is the seventh cheapest in London and comes in at around £850 a year.

Utilities are not expensive. Because it's a 2-bed, heating, gas, electric and water are not huge burdens and combined come in at double digits a month, depending on usage and providers.

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