Under UK law, prize competitions are not licensed in the same way that many gambling sub-industries are. We do not need a license to operate though we are expected to adhere to legislation from the UK government, and we do. Furthermore, we have partnered with Sterling Lotteries who are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission.

In terms of law, gambling sits under a pretty comprehensive set of guidelines, legislation and regulation, which can all be found in the Gambling Act 2005. It's 235 pages of great bedtime reading 😉

Prize competitions, which are covered in the Act are also covered in this much more digestible document, published by the UK Gambling Commission.

In it, the key components of adherence to UKGC legislation on prize competitions is laid bare. Raffle House is proud to adhere to all of the required legislation on the operation of legal prize competitions.

Raffle House has not joined the growing list of prize competitions that have been shut down by the Gambling Commission - and we won't be due to our strict adherence to the law. What that means for you is, we'll be around to keep on awarding properties to our community time and time again 😊

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