Raffle House is a property prize competition website that offers amazing properties at affordable ticket prices, while maintaining super attractive odds

We give our customers the chance to own a home, mortgage free, for just £10.

In 2017, we spent nearly a year ensuring that our model is compliant with the UK Gambling Commission’s legislation as well as only sourcing properties that we’d actually want to live in. Our properties are always of the highest standard and we carry out a thorough inspection of every one.

While we also offer three runner-up prizes of £1,000 as well as ensuring that every effort associated with buying a home is taken care of, such as all of the time-consuming legal stuff, we also give £1,000 to a lucky ticket holder every week. Read this to find out more about that.

We’re also committed to making charitable donations to charities that focus on homelessness. 2.5% of every ticket purchase will go towards nobles causes.

Finally, there are also no hidden costs whatsoever. A £10 ticket is just that - there’s no payment processing fee to worry about. And buy more than just one and we'll reward you.

Come draw day, you may be asking yourself how you got quite this lucky!

Our support staff are on hand to answer any of your questions, Monday through Sunday 😊

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