Simply put, there are no hidden fees whatsoever. A £10 ticket is just that and you won't pay a penny more. 

Your legal fees are covered by us, plus, we're chucking in £3,000 to cover the first year's council tax, ground rent and utilities, which is more than enough to make the first year cost you absolutely nothing!

When buying a £10 ticket or more, you'll only pay the ticket price. That's because we've bundled our operating costs into the price of a ticket - things like our payment processor fees that we pay Axcess Merchant Services and the service charge that we pay First Data so that your financial data is processed securely and the funds we generate are held safely.

We've worked out what all of those costs are and included things like the charitable donation and Stamp Duty Land Tax bill into our minimum number of tickets threshold. 

While we will give the winner the keys to a property, mortgage free and Stamp Duty paid, owning a property does come with some general running costs. They pale in comparison to rent - things like utilities and council tax - and you can find out more about those here.

All you need to worry about is how many tickets you want to buy to maximise your chances of winning and what your life will be like when you're rent free!

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