Creating something completely new is hard, for a number of different reasons. Part of the early difficulties that we encountered was proving that we were legitimate and that the opportunity to be a homeowner for just £5 was real.

That's where our Trust Pilot score comes in and helps to show visitors what our customers think of us. And they really love us! Take a look or review us.

Here are some of the other reasons Raffle House has been chosen to be the UK's only reputable property prize competition company.

We’ve got significant financial backing. We worked hard to get our Seedrs crowdfunding raise off the ground last year and then smashed our £200,000 target by an extra £70,000. This money means we’ve been able to pay for proper marketing and publicity to promote our competition so enough people buy tickets to cover the threshold. We can also now afford a dedicated customer service team to ensure all ticket buyers get help at every step in their purchase.

We’ve sought expert advice from an industry leader. Brian Mattingly is a legend in the gambling sector and is currently chairman of popular gambling company 888. There’s nothing this man doesn’t know about the legislation in this industry and that’s why we have had him advising us as a Senior Consultant.

We’ve taken our time getting the right legal framework in place. We spent a year working with lawyers before the competition even launched. We wanted to be absolutely sure we had the right kind of business plan in place, so nothing could trip Raffle House up.

We’re serious about making this a scalable business. The combined business backgrounds of both Benno and Bean in finance and property-focused investment give Raffle House the commercial nous to make this a success. We’re not just trying to shift a house we couldn’t sell — we’re in it for the long haul. We have a strategic plan to be the leading provider of raffled houses in the UK. We are in it to win it.

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