You can win £5,000 by the competition's close and YOU control your chance of winning.

The rules?

Really simple.

The account holder to make the most referrals to us during this competition ("A £2 ticket to your dream home" for the Eastlake Road property) will win £5,000 at the end of the competition. It's that simple. And it's locked into our T&Cs too.

How do I refer?

It takes seconds.

Your account holds your unique referral link. If you have an account, you have a referral link. Links can be shared by email, WhatsApp, or on social media directly from your account.

Is that it?

Not quite.

There's one more sweetener to bear in mind. For every 3 referrals that you make, you'll also be rewarded with 10 free tickets that will be automatically added to your account. We'll also email you a ticket receipt for these too and the tickets will also appear in your 'My Tickets' section of your account.

How do I know that you're tracking my referrals accurately?

We email you, and there's a counter in your account too that looks like this:

Any purchases made through your referral links will contribute towards your referral-count, and you can monitor your referral-count in your account. We'll also email you every time a referral converts.

Do referrals I made before August 1 count?

In short, no.

In order to keep a level playing field for all, previous referrals that you've made for past competitions won't be counted towards this £5,000 competition.

You'll see that your referral balance of free tickets has been re-set to "0" and you'll be unable to refer current account holders (i.e. referrals that you've already made), and you'll still be able to see those referred friends beneath your referral link.

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