On August 4, Niomi Boontam, a 27-year-old insurance consultant from Bournemouth, found out she had won a £500,000 London flat AND a £30,000 Land Rover Discovery Sport. For £10.

If you haven’t seen it already, that 8-minute call with Raffle House ambassador Sara Damergi is totally worth a watch.

Afterwards, I had a phone conversation with Niomi in order to explain the next steps and to find out a little bit more about her. This is what I learned.

How did Niomi come to buy a ticket?

Well, on a whim, with a bit of luck, and after 6 weeks of deliberation… Niomi read about Raffle House in a property magazine but she didn’t buy a ticket immediately. Understandably, she didn’t know much about Raffle House. Established in 2017, Raffle House is still a very new company in an industry that has had its shares of ups-and-downs. So she did some digging and online sleuthing. And then she forgot about it. And then the magazine resurfaced and she decided to buy a few tickets. Good thing she did, too.

Has the win sunk in at all?

The next day and via an email exchange between us, I wanted to know if the “shaking” had stopped. It had. But Niomi still said, “it does still feel a little surreal.” I can only imagine.

Is Niomi planning on moving in?

Not immediately. With her work currently in Bournemouth, she’ll need time to think about relocation. The good news is, her company has offices in the capital, so it’s something she’s open to. In the meantime, she’s thinking about giving the keys (temporarily) to her sister, who lives in London but is in the process of finding a new place to live in.

What about her new wheels?

Having been on the lookout for a new car for some time, Niomi opted to take the tax-free cash-prize alternative of £30,000 instead of the Land Rover Discovery Sport. Being 5-foot tall, she was worried she’d reach the pedals (honestly!) but she’s now planning on buying a VW Golf R. I mean, we get it.

Is that it?

For now, yes. We’ve got a property tour planned with Niomi and a more in-depth recorded interview coming soon. Watch this space!

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