Every single week, one of you will win one of our Weekly Lifestyle Prizes.

Our Weekly Lifestyle Prize draws will close, and then reset, on Sunday at midnight. And someone HAS to win. Every week.

Here's how it works

Choose the prize you want to win, how many tickets you want to buy (take advantage of multiple ticket discounts while you're at it) and purchase.

If your ticket is pulled during Monday's draw, you'll get the prize you bought a ticket for. It's that simple. We'll text and email you first, and if we don't hear back, we'll call you.

The more tickets you buy for your prize, the higher the chances one of them will be picked. It's not rocket science.

Also, when you spend £20 or more across your basket, you'll be entered into the £1,000 weekly cash-prize giveaway as well, so if one of your tickets isn't drawn for that week's Lifestyle Prize, you're still in the running to win £1,000! Find out more about that here.

What Weekly Lifestyle Prizes can I win?

We've got something for everyone. Take a sneak peek below or take a look at what's live right now and closing at midnight on Sunday.

Can I have cash instead of any of the prizes?

Yes. Every Lifestyle Prize has a cash-alternative available listed on its product page and you can choose that if you'd prefer.

The Weekly Lifestyle Prizes aren't static - they may be changed after any weekly reset and they'll change depending on demand for any given prize, with low level demanded products switched out for new prizes. But our aim is to maintain the cash equivalencies of all prize pools.

Can I enter for free too?

Yes. Entry into our Weekly Lifestyle Prizes can be done via our postal method, about which more information can be found here. If you want more information about our postal entry route, please see our T&Cs.

When will I learn if I've won?

The draw for the Weekly Lifestyle Prizes occurs first thing Monday morning, before the draw for the weekly £1,000 cash-prize. We will initially email the winners on Monday morning. If we don't hear back in good time that day, we'll follow up with a text and a call if needed.

All of our winners and their testimonials are available in our winners' section.

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