Launched Friday, September 18, and available every single week thereafter, one of you will win one of our Weekly Lifestyle Prizes. And the amazing news? Every ticket you buy will also be entered into the Jackpot Property Prize Draw. It’s a win-win.

You don’t need to buy different tickets into another competition to enter our Weekly Lifestyle Prize draws, and entries will close, and then reset, on Sunday at midnight. And someone HAS to win. Every week. And every time you enter, you bag more tickets to the main Jackpot Property draw.

Here's how it works

We host five Weekly Lifestyle Prizes in four distinct prize pools every week; Blue, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, on top of our weekly £1,000 cash giveaways.

How is the prize pool arranged?

Spend £2 or more and you’ll qualify for the Blue prize pool.

Spend £10 or more and you’ll qualify for the Bronze prize pool.

Spend £20 or more and you’ll qualify for the Silver prize pool.

Spend £40 or more and you’ll qualify for the Gold prize pool.

All tickets will remain live for the main Jackpot Property Competition.

How does that work in practice?

In order to qualify for a Blue Prize, all you need to do is spend £2 on tickets to our main property competition. One ticket will qualify your entry into both competitions: the Weekly Lifestyle Prize Competiton and the Jackpot Property Competition.

If your ticket is drawn on Monday morning, you’ll receive the Blue prize of your choice and you’ll still retain your ticket for the main Jackpot Property Competition. If your ticket isn’t drawn that week, it’ll still be valid for the Jackpot Property Competition Draw but you’ll need to buy another ticket for next week’s Weekly Lifestyle Prize Draw — it’s that simple.

Also, when you spend £20 or more (entering the Silver and Gold prize pools) you'll be entered into the £1,000 weekly cash-prize giveaway as well, so if one of your tickets isn't drawn for that week's Silver or Gold prize, you're still in the running to win £1,000! Find out more about that here. You’ll also have better odds at winning since the more tickets you purchase in one go, the more free tickets you earn: (spend £2 and you receive 1 ticket. Spend £40 and you get 40 tickets. We know you can do the maths 🙂).

If you're in the position to claim a Gold prize but want a prize from a lower-tier instead, you can elect to choose any of the prizes available from any tier. That's true of any prize pool beneath the one you qualify for. I can't see why you would but stranger things have happened.

What Weekly Lifestyle Prizes can I win?

We've got something for everyone. Take a sneak peek below or take a look at what's live right now and closing at midnight on Sunday.

Can I have cash instead of any of the prizes?

Absolutely. Our Blue prize pool has an approximate value of £250, and you can choose to take that cash alternative if you'd prefer. Bronze is about £1,000, Silver £2,500, and Gold £5,000. Again, if you don't want any of the prizes that we have on offer, you can elect to take an instant, tax-free transfer direct to your bank of any of the amounts you’re eligible for: £250, £1,000, £2,500, or £5,000.

The Weekly Lifestyle Prizes aren't static - they may be changed after any weekly reset and they'll change depending on demand for any given prize, with low level demanded products switched out for new prizes. But our aim is to maintain the cash equivalencies of all prize pools.

Can I enter for free too?

Absolutely. Entry into our Weekly Lifestyle Prizes can be done via our postal method, about which more information can be found here. In order to qualify for any prize pool above £2, you'll simply need to send off multiple entries matching the comparable level of tickets, as per each pool (Bronze = 5, Silver = 10, Gold = 20). If you want more information about our postal entry route, please see our T&Cs.

When will I learn if I've won?

The draw for the Weekly Lifestyle Prizes occurs first thing Monday morning, before the draw for the weekly £1,000 cash-prize. We will initially email the winners on Monday morning, and that's when we'll ask you to choose what prize you want depending on your spend that week. If we don't hear back in good time that day, we'll follow up with a text and a call if needed. We've only ever failed to hear back from one of our winners once since 2018. The runner-up wasn't disappointed.

All of our winners and their testimonials are available in our winners' section.

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