If you are new to property investing, want to learn how to successfully build a property portfolio, and get passive income, we would like to recommend Momentum Property Education’s free online course: Property Investing in 3 simple steps.

The 2-hour free course will teach you the basics of property investing and get you started on your journey to be a property investor.

Who are Momentum Property Education?

Momentum Property Education is a Property Education company, specializing in helping new investors creative passive income assets.

The company was founded by Daniel Wood, Gisela Wood and Lukasz Brzyski, experienced property investors.

Daniel shares many of his mistakes and setbacks throughout the Momentum online courses. But it is these challenges that have brought him to where he is today.

Gisela, and Lukasz made loads of mistakes as they were learning the ins and outs of the business and were even on the brink of bankruptcy. The three of them had all been taught by organizations and coaches on how to invest in property and yet there they were, staring bankruptcy in the face, stressed out of their minds, and not sleeping at night.

This is why they started Momentum, they want to help you to avoid the mistakes they made so you can foresee as many of these "unexpected" surprises as possible.

Today they have combined done well over 100 property deals in the UK, Spain, Sweden and Poland. They have raised over 15 Million GBP for property deals and built stable portfolios that allow us to live their "dream lives".

The reason they were able to turn their businesses around was because of the support of amazing people - They started working with Kim Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), you can see the podcast interview on the Momentum Investing Podcast.

Take this opportunity to learn from Daniel, Gisela and Lukasz for free and get yourself set up for Property Investing success!

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