You'll earn site credit on every single purchase you make, and that credit can be spent on any competition or prize.

For every purchase you make, no matter how much, you'll earn a minimum of 10% credit. Sometimes, we may run promotions for certain prizes or competitions that will see a greater level of credit offered, or provide coupon codes to increase the amount of credit you can earn when certain buying tickets.

The amount of credit you're set to earn following a purchase will always be shown in your basket, like below:

You can spend your credit on any prize or use it to generate a discount on a total purchase value that's greater than the amount of credit you have. Credit will be automatically applied to your basket, though you can choose to save it for later if you choose.

Credit will expire 30-days after it's first earned, and we'll remind you about any expiring credit via email.

Earning credit via making referrals

You can also earn credit when making referrals. You'll earn £5 credit for every successful referral - that's one of your referrals that spends £10 or more during their time with us, either in one single purchase or over time. You can't continue to earn credit from already successful referrals but you can earn more £5 credit rewards by referring new friends.

You can find your referral links in your account and check your credit balance too.

Send out your referral link via WhatsApp, SMS, email, Twitter, or Facebook with a click of a button. We won't send any messages on your behalf but we'll populate a message on your platform of choice to save you some time. You can choose to edit it or send it out as is.

You can find out more about our referral system here.

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